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Safety and Health Policy

It is the policy of the Vocational Training Council to ensure the safety and health of all staff, students and trainees at work.  The Council would from time to time review its safety and health policy and act proactively in accordance with the statutory safety and health requirements to ensure that all concerned are working in a safe and healthy environment.

Safety and health are everybody's business.  The heads of all VTC operational units will be responsible for delivering safety and health messages to their staff by conducting regular safety and health committee meetings.

The Council will take every possible step to:

  • develop a safety and health working culture within the VTC;
  • provide and ensure a safe and healthy environment for all users of the premises;
  • eliminate or reduce any possible hazards arising from activities;
  • provide safety and health training to staff, students and trainees;
  • maintain and ensure all equipment and plant in the VTC are of a high safety standard;
  • implement safe working procedures;
  • conduct periodic safety and health audits to ensure the VTC is complying with the relevant statutory requirements; and
  • regularly review the safety and health policy as appropriate.