Training Tutorial

To facilitate online teaching, please find below quick guide to get the essential functions setup.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Teacher Account (t- account) Activation in Student CNAPortal Video | PDF | eBook

5. Login MS Teams with New CNA (Switching MS Teams Account) Video | PDF | eBook

6. Method 1: Create Class Team, Invite Students and Schedule Online Class in MS Teams

6.3 Invite a group of Students to join Class Team with a team code Video | PDF | eBook

7. Method 2: Create Class Team, Invite Students and Schedule Online Class in Moodle

7.1 Create Class Team and Invite Students to Class Team Video | PDF | eBook

9. Taking Attendance in Video Class Meeting Video | PDF | eBook

Advanced Functions

- Using Staff and Teaching Accounts at the Same Time (For Windows OS) PDF | eBook (Date: 14 Sep 2020)

- Using Microsoft Whiteboard PDF | eBook (Date: 10 Feb 2021)

- Using Breakout Room LinkNew(Date: 11 Jan 2022)

- Invite external guest to join Teams meeting LinkNew(Date: 6 July 2022)

Other Relevant Materials

1. Handling Attendance Records of Online Teaching via Microsoft Teams

1.1 Briefing Session (25 Aug 2020) Video | PDF
1.2 Operation Guide (6 Jun 2022) PDF

Upcoming Enhancements

- Advanced setting on meeting options on MS Teams

1. Why do we need a separate MS Teams account for teaching?

It is recommended by Microsoft and common practice of most of the higher education institutes. Additional teacher account (t-<CNA> is provided for each teacher aimed at facilitating them to conduct online classes with students only.

2. Can I login Microsoft (MS) Teams with my “t-” teaching account immediately after activation?

No, your MS Teams teaching account will be ready to use approximately 30 minutes after activation.

3. Can students use their personal email accounts to login MS Teams for the Teams Class created by “t-” teaching account?

No, students should login MS Teams with their CNAs for the class.

4. Can students join the Teams Class, which is created by “t-” teaching account, as a "Guest" by clicking on the email link directly?

The “Guest” function is terminated. Students can only access with their student CNAs.

5. Can I use the “Guest” function to invite Guest Speakers to the Teams Class, which is created by “t-” teaching account, for presentation/sharing?

No, the “Guest” function is terminated. This platform is created specifically for teachers to communicate/interact with students with CNAs.

6. I understand that I must use a separate teaching account (i.e. "t-" teaching account) to communicate/interact with students via MS Teams. Does it mean that students cannot access to the MS Teams meeting created by my normal staff account (

You are strongly recommended to use "t-" teaching account for Teaching and Learning purpose. If you use your normal staff account ( for MS Teams meeting, students can only act as Guests. They are unable to access to many useful functions of MS Teams. At the same time, you are unable to download attendance lists with a proper indication of students. Anonymous person may access to your class if he/she obtains the meeting link as well.

7. Can I use the "t-" teaching account in Moodle?

The ‘t-” teaching account is mainly used for online classes on MS Teams platform. You should use your normal staff CNA ( to login Moodle and create courses.

8. Some students reported that the "Raise your hand" function could not be found. Do you know the reason?

The ‘Raise your hand’ function is available for MS Teams App on Android and iOS as well as on the desktop clients of MS Teams on Windows or macOS. If students could not see the ‘Raise your hand’ feature, it’s most likely that they used the web version of MS Teams or an outdated MS Teams App.

Students can download the latest version of MS Teams on their PCs by clicking their profile pictures at the top of the app and then selecting ‘Check for updates’.

9. How can students update their display names?

To facilitate attendance taking, students’ display names are patched in special format [Student Full Name (Student Number)]. Whenever students join the Teams Class with their student CNAs, display names will be shown correctly. They cannot change their display names in CNAPortal anymore.

10. When should I use MS Teams, Moodle & Panopto?

You may refer the following table for details:

MS Teams AppT-accountIt enables two-way communication/interaction between teacher and students, with a maximum of 250 people at the same time.
MS Teams WebStaff AccountIt allows collaborations and interactions between staffs.
PanoptoStaff AccountIt supports live-broadcasting up to 1,000 audience (one-way communication).
MoodleStaff AccountIt facilitates the provision of learning materials, quizzes and assignments, as well as the collection of homework.

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