Get a master scholarship and start your journey

Master scholarship offer- Master courses can be costly, but when you are a deserving student, you don't have to bother about that as top universities, including Warwick University, offer master scholarships to students.

Removes the financial barriers

While pursuing a master's degree, a master scholarship will cut off your financial barrier and push you toward your goals to achieve more in your life. You don't have to invest much money for higher studies and save them for your upcoming journey. On the other hand, many students graduate from college with a huge loan, and it takes years to repay the loan. It creates a financial crisis for the student and causes an emotional crisis as this debt creates pressure on students. With a scholarship, you don't have to take any loans.

Don't have to be selective while choosing a University

When you have a master scholarship, you don't have to be selective about universities based on their tuition fees. Don't compromise your dream University for financial reasons. With a master scholarship, you can choose from a vast range of universities and opt for your dream University.

Decreases the risk of dropping out

With a master scholarship, you would never be dropped out of your dream university because of financial reasons. Let's admit that pursuing a degree from a famous university can be costly, and besides the tuition fees, living expenses are also a matter of concern. But when you have your master scholarship, it reduces the chance of dropping out and not getting the certificate you want.

Study without any stress

As you are free from financial headaches, you can continue your studies with all your concentration and work hard to turn your dreams into reality. With a stress-free mind, you will be able to make good results and advance your career possibilities. A masters scholarship does not only increase your productivity but also helps you to study with your full concentration, without any headaches. Many students have to work during their educational years for tuition fees. This also affects their study. With a scholarship, you can invest that time in study.

Career advantages

Though all of us know that having a scholarship helps students with their studies, not many of us are aware that having a scholarship also increases the chance of having career opportunities. Having a scholarship is prestigious, and it also can leave a positive impact on your future employers. When they would come to know that you had a scholarship, they will understand how sincere you are about your career objectives and work. This positive impact will increase your career opportunities, and you will be able to continue climbing the ladder of success.

Personal advantages

When you have a master scholarship, you don't need to work during your academic years and can invest that time in productive work. You can gain experience through service learning, seminars, internships, etc. Make sure to invest your time in productive things so that you can enrich your college experience.

Getting a scholarship will also enhance your confidence, and you will be able to believe in yourself and make good ranks. It is a privilege for deserving students who can achieve their dreams with a little financial help. Financial circumstances can never be a barrier to stopping you from getting what you deserve.

Which University offers an efficient master scholarship?

Not all Universities take full responsibility for a meritorious student's tuition fees. Warwick University is one of the best universities that support students to achieve their goals. There are two types of scholarships given to students

1.WMG School Scholarship

Eligibility criteria

1. Applicants from local or overseas universities with first-class honours degree, or

2. Applicants with recognized outstanding achievements in their career or professional development

* Available to both full-time and part-time MSc applicants

Scholarship amount - Up to full tuition fees

2.Entrance Scholarship`

Eligibility criteria

Applicants with second-class honors degrees or above.

* Available to full-time students who:

(i) holds a Higher Diploma from VTC and graduated from a top-up degree program offered by THEi or SHAPE; or

(ii) holds a 4-year Bachelor's degree program from THEi;

Scholarship ammount - HK$10,000 to HK$30,000

If you are deserving enough, get a master scholarship today and start your journey of success.

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Types of scholarships Eligibility Value of Award
WMG School Scholarship

1. Applicants from local or overseas universities who have obtained first-class honours degree, or

2. Applicants who have accomplished recognised outstanding achievements in their career or professional development

* Available to both full-time and part-time MSc applicants

Download Application Form ( PDF / DOC )

Guidance Notes for Applicants

(Application Deadline for AY2023/24 Scholarship: 30 June 2023
Enquiry: 2595 8356 )

Up to full tuition fee

FHKI Scholarship

[Exclusively to professionals working for companies which are members of Federation of Hong Kong Industrialists] 

1. Applicants from local or overseas universities who have obtained first-class honours degree, or 

2. Applicants who have accomplished recognised outstanding achievements in their career or professional development 

* Available to both full-time and part-time MSc applicants 

Application details will be released soon.



Entrance Scholarship

1. Applicants who hold either

   i.    a Higher Diploma awarded by VTC and a recognized Bachelor's degree; or
   ii.    a Bachelor's degree offered by SHAPE or THEi


2. Applicants successfully completed the MSc programme within the 12-month and 24-month registration period for Full-time and Part-time^ mode of study respectively.

^ Part-time students eligible for the Entrance Scholarship should take into consideration of the modules available each year for the completion of their studies. All core modules will be run once a year. Two elective modules, subjected to arrangement set by Warwick WMG, will be run every year. WMG School is not responsible for students not being able to meet the completion requirement due to the availability of the elective modules.

* The value of Entrance Scholarhship is based on applicants' academic achievement (upper second class honors degrees or above).

(Enquiry: 2595 8356)

HK$20,000 to HK$30,000*
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