VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 92 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL SMPTE Student Chapter, IVE (Sha Tin) 4.98 Under an agreement with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) (Hong Kong), the Engineering Discipline provides training for technicians and engineers in support of the motion picture and TV broadcasting industries. IVE (Sha Tin) and SMPTE (Hong Kong) have jointly organised a wide range of activities, including seminars, forums and visits, on the latest technologies and standards of motion pictures, and TV and video capturing. The Chapter aims to provide a platform for students to closely connect and interact with professional bodies, especially those in motion pictures and TV broadcasting. Society of Broadcast Engineers – Hong Kong Student Chapter, IVE (Sha Tin) 4.99 The Society of Broadcast Engineers – Hong Kong Student Chapter aims at keeping pace with the rapidly changing industry through local chapter meetings, facility tours, and educational seminars, and providing a platform for students to exchange ideas and share information with broadcast engineers and industry professionals. HKIE Student Chapter, IVE (Sha Tin), IVE (Haking Wong), IVE (Tsing Yi) and IVE (Chai Wan) 4.100 The HKIE Student Chapter is set up to encourage and foster a spirit of friendly collaboration amongst its members and to encourage its members to maintain a close link with the Institution and to participate in the HKIE activities. In addition to social activities, the Student Chapter organises activities including technical meetings, visits and other events for the benefit of the members of the Chapter and for the purpose of increasing their awareness of the engineering profession and the Institution.