VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 90 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Professional Education and Engagement Centre, HKDI 4.93 The Professional Education and Engagement Centre (PEEC) offers strategic lifelong learning opportunities, specialising in creative industries, for professionals and organisations across public and private sectors through award-bearing and non-award-bearing courses, tailor-made training, seminars, and international programmes. Its objective is to develop creativity, talent and multidisciplinary knowledge and skills for the crossover of ideas and practices, and to meet the ever-changing market needs for career development and business growth. ENGINEERING DISCIPLINE CLP Power Engineering Laboratory, IVE (Haking Wong) 4.94 The CLP Power Engineering Laboratory represents the joint efforts of IVE Engineering and CLP Power Hong Kong Limited in leveraging innovative technologies and advanced training facilities to nurture a new generation of power engineering talents, equipping them with smart grid and high voltage know-how to support the transformation of Hong Kong into a world-class low carbon smart city. The Lab serves as a versatile platform to catalyse talent development through academia-industry collaborations. It consists of two main sections: a Smart Grid Operation Centre (SGOC) and a High Voltage Training Centre (HVTC). The SGOC within the Lab is equipped with a real-time smart grid simulation and testing system that mirrors real-life community power supply and analyses the data. Students will learn how smart grids operate and explore contingency solutions for enhancing energy efficiency. The HVTC is furnished with remote control and monitoring systems for high voltage switchgears that simulate real-life high voltage power works, enabling students to learn about the operation, fault diagnosis and safety procedures required. The HVTC offers an inservice training programme in high-voltage engineering, which is accredited by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) as an approved training programme for Grade H Registered Electrical Worker.