VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 89 VPET SERVICES Centre of Innovative Material and Technology, HKDI 4.89 The Centre of Innovative Material and Technology acts as a material knowledge bank, serving all design areas under the Design Discipline from interior design / construction materials to advanced fabrics. It also offers students first-hand experience of a wide range of cutting-edge materials, unconventional multi-material applications, and innovative end-products from different design industries. 4.90 The Centre comprises a learning resources centre and an interactive material discovery / learning platform to facilitate exchange of advanced material knowledge. Regular mini-exhibitions and informative displays at the Centre are open to VTC students and staff, design professionals and participants in the creative and design industries, facilitating an open forum and dialogue among them. Media Lab, HKDI 4.91 The Media Lab, a digital technology-focused hub under HKDI, functions as a forerunner of innovative media technology and its related applications. Its mission is achieved through the provision of integrated media experience, enhanced technology understanding in exhibitions, interactive media and arts technology, and enhanced learning experience through collaborative projects with industry. Michael Kao Digital Animation Centre, HKDI 4.92 The Michael Kao Digital Animation Centre is equipped with high technology computer animation software and hardware for students to learn the production of high-quality 3D animation, 2D animation and digital painting images. The use of professional hardware, including a full set of Wacom Tablets, and software including Unreal, Nuke, Zbrush, Maya and Adobe CC, facilitates student learning.