VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 86 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL CHILDCARE, ELDERLY AND COMMUNITY SERVICES DISCIPLINE Child Education Centre for Teaching and Learning, IVE (Sha Tin) 4.78 The Child Education Centre for Teaching and Learning aims to promote quality teaching and learning practices, and values for early childhood education. The Centre takes a proactive role to network with the Government, non-government organisations and other local and overseas institutions and organisations from the field, with an aim to provide continuous professional training and support to enrich the professional knowledge of students and serving teachers. The Centre is dedicated to promoting children’s moral development and value education under its signature projects, including a series of Kid’s Greenway projects under the Environmental and Conservation Fund and Teenie-Family Moneyland under the support from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. On-site school-based training, consultancy projects, and life-long learning programmes are also offered. Fong Yun Wah Centre for Elderly Service, IVE (Sha Tin) 4.79 The Fong Yun Wah Centre for Elderly Service, supported by the Fong’s Family Foundation, houses the Dementia-Friendly Smart Home and Rehabilitation Care Training Workshop to train students to care for the elderly’s physical and psychosocial well-being. Simulated Clinical Laboratory, IVE (Sha Tin) 4.80 The Simulated Clinical Laboratory is furnished in a residential care home setting with nursing equipment and rehabilitation facilities for the elderly. SimMan®, an advanced patient simulator, is housed for the training in basic health assessment and advanced clinical skills through realistic scenarios. The Holographic 3D Display System of human organs provides a new and interactive way of understanding the structures of the human body. An Interactive Teaching and Multifunctional e-Learning Platform is also available to facilitate easy access to learning and teaching materials through mobile devices and real-time recording of students’ care skills.