VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 82 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Smart Living Home, IVE (Kwai Chung) 4.63 The Smart Living Home serves as a skills and technology transfer centre for the healthcare and elderly services industry. The up-to-date gerontechnological advancement and new design of furniture and equipment are displayed and introduced at the Smart Living Home. The elderly and interested parties are able to gain knowledge of the latest trends and approaches to aging in place. The Smart Living Home also provides a platform for students studying rehabilitation and healthcare-related programmes to integrate the theory and practice of smart living. Fitness and Exercise Nutrition Resources Centre, IVE (Chai Wan) 4.64 The Fitness and Exercise Nutrition Resources Centre is set up with three learning units: Elderly and Children Exercise Centre, Nutrition Laboratory and a Simulated Consultation Room. The Centre provides various health measurement equipment for analysing the healthiness of a person and facilitates the training of students on the measurement of nutrients as well as food intake estimation. BUSINESS DISCIPLINE Event Square, IVE (Tsing Yi) 4.65 The Event Square features a stage with free space for audiences and is well equipped with lighting, audio and video systems to encourage students to design their event concepts and execute promotional events. It is also the classroom and laboratory for trade-specific modules like Event Staging and Production, Exhibition Marketing and Event Management for Weddings, Advertising Studio, and Advertising Media Production. Accountancy and Finance Centre, IVE (Haking Wong) 4.66 The Accountancy and Finance Centre provides students with a simulated working environment for learning and practising accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate administration, wealth management and general banking practices. It aims to ensure that students are well prepared for their future development in the accountancy and financial services fields. The Centre is equipped with training software and facilities that simulate a real business environment. The Centre also helps to promote the best practices in accountancy and financial services and serves as a centre for networking with professional bodies and industries.