VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 81 VPET SERVICES TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT CENTRES INTRODUCTION 4.60 Training and assessment centres run on IVE and HKDI campuses provide services required by the relevant industries and/or trades and help students acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. Services provided by these centres are explained below. HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCES DISCIPLINE Chinese Medicine Industry Development Centre, IVE (Chai Wan) 4.61 The Chinese Medicine Industry Development Centre is equipped with a complete set of manufacturing and analytical equipment in its laboratories for pilot-scale production and quality control testing of Chinese medicine products. It is staffed with professionals of a strong academic and technological background and with a broad range of international industrial experience. The mission of the Centre is to provide training and technical support for the local Chinese medicine industry. The Centre provides tailor-made short courses with hands-on training to upgrade the skills and knowledge of existing employees of the industry. In addition, it also delivers consultancy and collaborative services, ranging from improvement of product formulations and new product development, to Good Manufacturing Practice training and product testing in compliance with Hong Kong regulations and pharmacopoeia standards. The Centre aims to offer one-stop services to clients by efficiently turning their ideas into high value-added marketable products within a reasonable cost and time frame. HealthTech Centre, IVE (Kwai Chung) 4.62 HealthTech Centre was established with the support of the Health and Life Sciences Discipline. It aims to facilitate the application of health technology in the society and introduce the latest developments in health technology to the industry. The Centre provides real-world training for students pursuing health-related programmes such as health studies, rehabilitation services, applied nutritional studies, medical centre operations, and vision health care, etc. Through the provision of different health services, the Centre showcases the application of health technology to the community, provides health information for the public, and offers internships to IVE students.