VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 80 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL 4.56 Programmes offered include a wide range of industry-specific full-time/part-time programmes in three streams: Business, Information Technology and Services. Two full-time Certificate programmes, namely Certificate in Fast Food Operation and Certificate in Retail Store Operation, which are pegged at QF Level 1, are also on offer. For senior secondary students with intellectual disabilities, adapted ApL courses are available in two streams: Creative Studies and Service. 4.57 To strengthen the vocational skills and boost the self-confidence of the students, Shine Skills Centre provides students with placement opportunities in collaboration with industries. It also adopts social-enterprise mode of practical training and runs outreach training centres in IVE (Haking Wong), IVE (Kwai Chung), VTC Kwai Chung Complex and Shine Skills Centre (Kwun Tong) in order to enhance students’ employability by obtaining experience in a work simulated environment. SHINE VOCATIONALASSESSMENT SERVICE 4.58 Shine Vocational Assessment Service aims to help people with disabilities aged 15 or above, identify and understand their vocational strengths and to help them make informed study and career choices. The vocational abilities and interest of individuals are assessed by a professional rehabilitation team using aptitude tests and standardised assessment tools. SHINE TECHNICALAIDS AND RESOURCE CENTRE 4.59 Shine Technical Aids and Resource Centre provides technical aids, consultation, adaptation and support services toVTCstudentswhohave special educational needs. The Centre helps students to overcome environmental barriers encountered during their course of study. It also provides consultation services on work adaptation and environmental modification to people with disabilities at work to enhance their employability.