VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 79 VPET SERVICES 4.53 The 11th GHMCYSC was held online via livestream broadcasting by Chengdu Radio & Television Station during 14-19 December 2021. Instead of competing among the four cities, this Competition focused on skills exchange among the young talents in their own region. 13 young competitors from Hong Kong participated in five skills competitions, namely Electrical Installations, Visual Merchandising, Pâtisserie and Confectionery, Cyber Security and Mobile Robotics. The next GHMCYSC will be held in Guangzhou. VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES INTRODUCTION 4.54 The Vocational Training for People with Disabilities Office provides vocational assessment services, offers vocational programmes, rehabilitation and professional support services, and provides post-training employment support services to people aged 15 and above who have special education needs (including attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, autism, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, physical disability, mental illness, specific learning difficulties, limbs impairment, speech impairment, visceral disability, visual impairment) and have basic self-care skills. It also provides technical aids, consultation, adaptation and support services to VTC students. SHINE SKILLS CENTRE 4.55 Three Shine Skills Centres located at Kwun Tong (Oxford Road Re-provisioned Campus), Tuen Mun and Pokfulam are well-equipped with commercial and industrial simulated training workshops that offer hands-on training in a work simulated environment. Comprehensive support services are available to provide life planning education, career counselling services, job matching and coaching as well as post-employment support services. Basic nursing and health education services and occupational therapy are also offered. Residential services are available at Shine Skills Centre (Tuen Mun) to provide a pleasant living environment where students are trained to develop their self-care skills for independent living.