VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 76 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Industry Trade Test Automobile Vehicle Body Repairer Vehicle Electrician Vehicle Mechanic Vehicle Painter Electrical & Mechanical Services Electrician* Escalator Mechanic Lift Mechanic Manufacturing Technology Mechanical Fitter Beauty Care Intense Pulsed Light Equipment Operator * Online application is available. VOCATIONALASSESSMENT 4.42 VTC has developed the Vocational Assessment (VA) system by referring to the generic level descriptors or competency standards drawn up by industries under the Qualifications Framework (QF). VA is a territory- wide competency assessment (i.e. skills qualifications) offered by VTC. It aims to provide a platform to enhance the quality of the local workforce and ascertain that in-service practitioners/learners have attained the required level of competency. 4.43 Currently, VTC is offering VA in Beauty Care, Hairdressing and Arboriculture. The Tree Management Office of the Development Bureau has required all workers undertaking tree pruning works involving the use of chainsaw for Government contracts to pass the Arboriculture Vocational Assessment (AVA) or possess equivalent qualifications. Besides, AVA qualification holders are eligible to register as Registered Chainsaw Operators under the Government’s Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel. Since the launch of AVA in 2014, about 320 candidates have taken the assessment.