VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 74 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL 4.34 With the support of the Government, VTC has offered a Pilot Incentive Scheme to Employers (PISE) to encourage E&L employers to join hands with VTC to implement Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA), in which employers are engaged in assessment of the competencies and performance of the trainees in the workplace to make learning more effective. The Government has provided a maximum amount of HK$36,000 per trainee to those participating employers upon completion of the assessment tasks. As at May 2022, over 250 employers had conducted WLA under PISE for 1,200 trainees since the implementation of WLA in 2019. 4.35 With a view to nurturing talent with professional knowledge and skills, and international exposure for the sustainable industry development in Hong Kong, financial support is provided by the Government to organise the pilot International Study Programme (ISP) for up to 180 apprentice trainees under the E&L Scheme per year through AY 2024/25, which comprises a range of trade-specific activities that enable participants to learn the best practices and embrace the latest industrial development around the world such as the Greater BayArea (GBA) and other parts of Mainland, Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. ENGINEERING GRAUATE TRAINING SCHEME 4.36 The Engineering Graduate Training Scheme (EGTS) provides subsidies to employers who offer training opportunities to engineering graduates to help them meet the training requirements of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) and obtain professional status as an engineer. 4.37 All engineering graduates with the qualifications that meet the HKIE Corporate Membership requirements are eligible to join the EGTS. The training is closely monitored by engineering supervisors appointed by the HKIE. EGTS Secretariat of VTC are responsible for checking and verifying the progress of the training. Trainees will be awarded a Certificate of Completion of the EGTS training issued by the Innovation and Technology Training Board. 4.38 A trainee being trained under a programme approved by the HKIE will receive a subsidy through his/her employer as part of his/her salary.