VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 8 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE OVERVIEW 2.1 VTC is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. The corporate structure is well-defined, and authority is delegated within clearly defined parameters, ensuring efficiency in achieving its mission. VTC’s governance and management operates at three levels: a) The Council, together with its committees and boards, is the highest authority and responsible for corporate policy, strategies and management at a macro level; b) The Executive Director, supported by the Caucus and various committees, is responsible for the execution of the Council’s policy and day- to-day management of VTC; and c) The Vocational Education and Training Academic Board (VETAB) and the Higher Education Advisory Committee (HEAC), together with various committees and boards under their purview, provide advice on academic matters and oversee their management. 2.2 Table 1 outlines VTC’s governance and management structure and shows the relationships among various parties. Each committee and board has specific terms of reference governing its responsibility and accountability. Corporate policies and strategies at the highest level are mapped out by the Council’s committees on the recommendations of the Executive Director, after they have been carefully deliberated upon by the Caucus, the Executive Director’s core team and, where necessary, the dedicated task forces set up thereunder.