VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 72 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL TRAINING SERVICES ORGANISED BY TRAINING BOARDS OUT-CENTRE COURSES AND CONFERENCES / SYMPOSIA / SEMINARS 4.26 Training Boards subsidise specially-designed training courses (called ‘out-centre courses’) to update or upgrade the knowledge and skills of in- service personnel in their respective industries. With input from relevant industries, outcentre courses are organised in the following areas: media and communications, publishing, and transport and logistics services. 4.27 To motivate learners to pursue lifelong learning, a course fee subsidy scheme is in place for courses tailor-made to meet the training needs of specific sectors. A reimbursement of up to 50% of the course fees is granted to in-service practitioners who can complete the approved courses and meet the minimum attendance requirement. 4.28 Training Boards also organise, either individually or in collaboration with professional institutions and/or trade organisations, conferences, symposia and seminars on specific current topics. APPRENTICESHIP AND RELATED TRAINING SERVICES APPRENTICESHIP SCHEME 4.29 The Executive Director of VTC, as the Director of Apprenticeship, is responsible for the administration of the Apprenticeship Ordinance. The Director monitors and assesses the training of apprentices, conciliates in training and employment disputes and endorses Certificates of Completion of Apprenticeship. The Office of the Director of Apprenticeship provides career counselling and placement services for people seeking apprenticeships. 4.30 The Apprenticeship Scheme consists of on-the-job training, complementary technical education courses, and supervision and services of Apprenticeship Officers for apprenticeship. At present, there are 45 trades