VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 60 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Tin Ka Ping Foundation Trade-related Outbound Exchange in the Greater China Region 3.105 Funded by Tin Ka Ping Foundation, the sponsorship scheme aims to support higher diploma students to participate in outbound exchanges and/ or study programmes held in the Greater China Region for at least one week, strengthening trade knowledge & skills and obtaining cultural, historic, scientific and aesthetic insights from traditional Chinese wisdom, creativity and craftsmanship with respect to their trade of studies. China Candlelight Educational Fund Sponsorship for Student Outbound Programme/ Activity in Mainland China or Greater China Region 3.106 Funded by the China Candlelight Educational Fund, the sponsorship scheme aims to subsidise financially needy students in participation of physical outbound programmes/activities in Mainland China or the Greater China Region. The amount of sponsorship for an eligible student in participation of an outbound programme/activity is calculated based on the duration, nature, and destination of the activities. Part 3