VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 56 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Outstanding Industrial Attachment Scholarships 3.89 Funded by generous donations from more than 200 industrialists and employers, the scheme benefits VTC students who achieve outstanding performance during their industrial attachments. Each year, 400 students are awarded this scholarship of HK$5,000 each. CYMA Charity Fund Scholarship 3.90 The CYMACharity Fund Scholarship recognises students’ remarkable improvements in their academic results and provides financial assistance to support their whole person development through extra-curricular activities. Each year, 100 students are awarded this scholarship of HK$5,000 each. Hong Kong Housing Society Award 3.91 The Award recognises students’ outstanding academic performance in housing-related or elderly-care related programmes while providing financial assistance to those in need of financial aid. An award of HK$10,000 is granted to each recipient. The Shanghai Commercial Bank Scholarship 3.92 The Scholarship aims to award elite students for their academic attainments, leadership capabilities and aspiration to further their career in the selected industries in Hong Kong. A scholarship of HK$10,000 is awarded to each recipient. C. Scholarship for Further Studies The Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship Scheme 3.93 This scheme provides financial assistance of up to £29,500 a year to graduates of full-time HD programmes in the Engineering, Health and Life Sciences, and Information Technology Disciplines to support their degree studies at universities in the United Kingdom. The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and air fares for two academic years.