VTC Calendar 2022-23

6 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Part 1 STRATEGIC PLANNING 8-YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN 1.11 VTC formulates strategic plans to steer its growth and development and maps out in the plan directions and core strategies to support its development. The strategic plan outlines VTC’s development for an eight- year period (8-year Strategic Plan), which is subject to review and adjustment through annual review exercises. 1.12 In June 2020, the Council formulated its Fourth 8-Year Strategic Plan covering the period from 2021/22 to 2028/29 to enable VTC to grasp opportunities in a fast-growing knowledge-based economy and to meet future challenges. The Fourth Plan takes a central theme of “Skilling for the Future”, building on the strengths and foundation laid down in previous strategic plans. In the Fourth Plan, VTC adopts a multi-faceted approach to equip our students and staff with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a better and sustainable future.