VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 51 MEMBER INSTITUTIONS, SUPPORT UNITS AND SERVICES Halls of Residence 3.66 There are two student residential halls in VTC which are located on Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong Island and Tsing Yi Island, New Territories. The halls provide around 1,000 residence places for full-time students of Degree programmes, Higher Diploma programmes and Diploma of Foundation Studies, as well as short-stay places for collaboration partners of VTC. Hall life provides opportunities for students to learn and grow together through cross-cultural environment, as well as enriching study life and adding value to students’ whole person development. Students’ Union and Affiliated Student Societies 3.67 The Students’ Union on campuses is a self-governing body run by the elected student members for their fellow students. It serves to foster students’ sense of belonging, promote the general welfare of its members and provide a channel of communication within the campus. 3.68 Members of the Students’ Union are encouraged to form clubs and organise activities to cater for students’ recreational, sporting and intellectual interests. 3.69 Student representatives elected through the Students’ Union may participate in committee meetings to discuss academic and student issues. 3.70 The Student Development Office offers support and assistance to the Students’ Union in organising activities whenever appropriate.