VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 50 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Structured Whole Person Development Programme 3.61 The Structured Whole Person Development (SWPD) Programme covers all VTC full-time programmes at post-Secondary 3 and post- Secondary 6 levels. 3.62 The SWPD Programme is a holistic structured programme embedded in the curriculum which aims to equip students with essential transferable skills. The Programme also aims to reinforce students’ positive attitude and values to meet challenges in life. Student Development Projects 3.63 Student Development Projects aim to nurture students’ positive attitudes and employability through engaging them in a wide range of developmental programmes. These programmes provide opportunities for students to serve the needy, develop their leadership and social skills, enhance presentation and communication skills, as well as strengthening their resilience. Sports and Leisure 3.64 VTC campuses provide well-equipped sporting facilities including gymnasiums, squash, tennis and basketball courts, physical fitness centres and, on some campuses, swimming pools. Students can make use of these facilities for recreation. Students are encouraged to participate in the Physical Education programmes conducted on campuses. Student Amenities 3.65 Student amenities including canteen/cafe services are provided on campuses. Many campuses are equipped with lockers for students. Student common rooms and function rooms are also available for activities run by the Students’ Union and the affiliated student societies.