VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 48 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Smart City Innovation Centre and STEM Education Centres 3.51 To nurture talent with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) knowledge and technology savvy contributing to the Smart City development in Hong Kong, VTC has established STEM Education Centres strategically located at YC (Kowloon Bay), IVE (Chai Wan) and IVE (Tsing Yi) connecting to the Smart City Innovation Centre at IVE (Tsing Yi). The Centres reserve as a platform to foster a culture of learning from ideas to applications while deepening fundamental STEM knowledge across VTC. 3.52 With a vast network of STEM industry professionals, the Centres aim to provide a multidisciplinary learning platform for creation of student collaboration projects across Disciplines. In addition, the Centres facilitate Smart City application projects in VTC so as to accelerate innovation and explore new applications with industry insights and emerging technologies to improve students’ learning with in-demand skillsets for the future. 3.53 The Centres also promote STEM education to the younger generation via hands-on and minds-on learning. The objectives of the learning are to inspire their innovative thinking, improve their problem-solving skills with multi-disciplinary knowledge, and equip students with digital skills and competency through an array of activities, includingworkshops, competitions, exhibitions and seminars. 3.54 Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the Centres use Cave Automatic Virtual Environment and Head-mounted Display to create immersive environments in multiple workplace scenarios, which largely facilitates authentic and work-ready training for students. STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES 3.55 A wide range of student support services and amenities, administered by the Student Development Office, is provided to meet the students’ needs and promote their well-being. The Students’ Union and its affiliated student societies on each campus organise various social, cultural, recreational and sports activities for students.