VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 47 MEMBER INSTITUTIONS, SUPPORT UNITS AND SERVICES Computer Centre / IT Support Service Unit 3.47 Computer Centres or IT Support Service Units on campuses support a wide range of IT facilities and services. The following services are provided for students and/or staff: MyPortal 3.48 MyPortal is a web-based communication platform providing online self-services to students. Students may use MyPortal to update their personal information, enrol in programme-related and extra-curricular activities, make booking for campus facilities, reserve personal lockers, and to engage in activities related to the graduation ceremony. With MyPortal, students are timely and conveniently informed of their learning progress by viewing and downloading their own study pace list, attendance records, academic and non-academic transcripts. Up-to-date information about learning activities such as personal class timetables, examination schedules, and ad-hoc class arrangements are also available from MyPortal. As a general information portal for students, MyPortal provides students with easy access to learning materials, campus news and career resources at anytime and anywhere. VTC@HK 3.49 “VTC@HK” is an official mobile application of VTC providing students with easy access to latest news and events as well as various IT services to better support their learning activities. Using VTC@HK, students can view their personal class/examination timetables and class attendance records, download documents (Transcript of Study, Record of Non-Academic Achievements, Tuition Fee Payment Advice, etc.), browse library resources and e-resources, upload a photo for student card, view print quota balance, etc. Through “VTC@HK”, students can also create their own event calendar and get recommended study programmes after completing a questionnaire via the icon “Study Pathway”. Job Information System 3.50 Students/graduates can use the Job Information System (JIS) to access job postings and submit applications anywhere and anytime through the Internet. Information on career education and the job market is also provided. Students/graduates may also create their personal e-resumes, download career information and receive updated job information by auto- emailing.