VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 46 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Libraries 3.42 VTC library services are provided by LRCs at each campus of IVE, HKDI, YC, and Learning Commons (LC) at THEi. All LRCs/LC house several learning resources in an environment conducive to study, research and leisure reading. They provide a wide range of services, learning resources, facilities and equipment to meet the needs of students and staff. Inter-campus loans of reading materials among all VTC campuses are available. Library users may check-in and out the circulating materials at any one of the VTC LRCs/LC. Up-to-date information on the library resources and services is available on the library homepage (http://library.vtc.edu.hk). Collections 3.43 Campus LRCs/LC house around 544,000 volumes of programmerelated books, journals, newspapers, and multi-media materials. 3.44 The LRCs/LC have subscribed more than 357,000 e-books on various topics, as well as around 70 electronic databases such as BSOL (British Standards Online Library), EBSCOHost, ProQuest, Wanfang Video, WiseOne/WiseSearch, etc. covering over 89,000 full-text electronic journals, articles and standards on a variety of subjects. VTC Library Catalogue 3.45 The VTC Library Catalogue (http://library.vtc.edu.hk) allows users to locate the entire library collections of VTC and local university libraries. They can ascertain the library holdings, check their borrowing records, place a reservation on a particular title and renew their loaned items. Hyperlinks to all VTC-subscribed electronic resources including e-books, e-journals and e-databases are also available. Educational Technology Unit 3.46 The Educational Technology Unit is set up on each campus to provide comprehensive support services in the areas of media design, multimedia production, information and education technology, training and teaching facilities. Scanning facilities and computers equipped with multimedia software are also provided as learning support to students.