VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 45 MEMBER INSTITUTIONS, SUPPORT UNITS AND SERVICES LEARNING AND STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES 3.37 A wide range of learning support services are provided on VTC campuses. Language Training and Activities 3.38 The Languages Discipline offers quality language training in Vocational English, Chinese and Putonghua to equip students with effective language and communication skills for work and study. 3.39 Effective language learning is enabled in the language laboratories which are fitted with a wide range of modern and sophisticated audio-visual equipment and networked computers. Students’ development of listening and speaking skills is facilitated in a diverse and autonomous way. 3.40 The Centre for Independent Language Learning hosts a wide range of fun-filled activities and provides an abundance of self-access materials and resources. Students can relax and learn at their own time and pace while practising communication skills in a dynamic and supportive environment. Learning Resources Centres 3.41 The Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) comprise the Library, the Educational Technology Unit and Computer Centre / IT Support Service Unit. They provide a stimulating and creative atmosphere for learning and allow flexible deployment of resources.