VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 3 44 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL SHINE SKILLS CENTRE 3.32 Shine Skills Centre offers skills training programmes for people with disabilities at the age of 15 or above and have basic self-care skills to enhance their employment prospect. 3.33 Shine Vocational Assessment Service offers two assessment programmes, namely Specific Vocational Assessment Programme and Comprehensive Vocational Assessment Programme, to evaluate the vocational strengths, potentials and limitations of people with disabilities. 3.34 Shine Technical Aids and Resource Centre provides support for VTC students who have special educational needs to overcome their learning difficulties with the ultimate goal of enhancing their employability. Services of the Centre include designing and adapting technical aids for individuals to facilitate their study and work preparation, and providing advice on special arrangements for assessments. 3.35 Withoffering sites located inKwunTong (OxfordRoadRe-provisioned Campus), Pokfulam, andTuenMun, theCentre provides trade-specific training covering three streams of study, namely Business, Information Technology and Services. Two full-time Certificate programmes, namely Certificate in Fast Food Operation and Certificate in Retail Store Operation pegged at QF Level 1, are also on offer. To accommodate the job market needs, the Centre offers “up-skilling”, “re-skilling” and short courses under the QF Level 1 for graduates of Shine Skills Centre or Integrated Vocational Training Centre in need with a view to enhancing their opportunities to find employment or change jobs in the open market. The Centre also provides Adapted Applied Learning courses for students with intellectual disabilities. All the three sites are well-equipped with industrial simulated training workshops to facilitate hands-on training in a simulated work environment. 3.36 The Centre also offers a wide range of support services to prepare students for integration into the society, including life planning education, career counselling, job matching and coaching as well as post-employment support services. The Whole Person Development Programme aims to enhance students’ self-confidence and equip them with life skills for their personal growth and future development. Residential services are available at Shine Skills Centre (TuenMun), which provides a pleasant living environment for students to enhance their independent living skills.