VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 32 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL STATISTICS SECTION 2.65 The Statistics Section is responsible for providing professional services in conducting surveys, compiling and analysing data, as well as preparing management statistics required by the Council and the public. These statistics are mainly to assist the Council in formulating strategic plans on VPET, to serve as yardsticks for the achievement of the Council’s plans, and to serve as performance indicators for the quality of the Council’s VPET. The Section also provides professional support for the conduct of ad-hoc surveys initiated by different operational units. STRATEGIC PLANNING OFFICE 2.66 The Strategic Planning Office is responsible for the formulation, preparation and implementation of VTC’s strategic plans and annual plans. The Office assists the Council and senior management in drawing up the strategic plans and setting specific strategies to steer the development of VPET in Hong Kong. It also provides support to the SPISG in overseeing the implementation of VTC’s strategic plans. 2.67 The Office assists the Executive Director in monitoring and reviewing the progress of implementing strategic initiatives identified and submits progress reports to the Council and the SPISG at regular intervals.