VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 31 GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE 2.61 The QEAO provides staffing and research support to the Quality Enhancement Steering Committee (QESC) to chart and direct QA policies and initiatives as well as driving the QE culture in VTC. The Office develops performance indicators and reviews targets to monitor the overall performance across the Council, sets QE Gold Standards to ensure quality of learning programmes for the benefit of students and fosters the knowledge management system on QE in the interest of all staff. In the long-term development of staff capability and pedagogies in VTC, the Office provides support in the development of VTC strategic initiatives on the VPET programmes, namely “Dual Professionalism”, “Project-based Learning” and “Workplace Learning and Assessment”. 2.62 The Office coordinates external accreditations on VTC learning programmes by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and facilitates the seeking of professional recognition by renowned authorities including the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). On acquiring the requisite accreditations, the Office collaborates with the academic disciplines and teaching units to ensure all the standards are met and best results are achieved. 2.63 By providing proper training and experience sharing, the Office inculcates among all VTC staff the concept of QE culture. Meanwhile, it administers Quality Initiatives and organises annual selections to identify and reward outstanding staff under three award schemes, namely “the Teaching Excellence Award”, “the Staff Excellence Award”, and “the Staff Suggestion Scheme”. The three schemes have been engendering quality in teaching, staff performance in VPET and VTC services. In regard to other internal QE initiatives, the Office steers the annual Programme Review exercise and the biennial Self-assessment exercise to regularly review performance and ensure improvement actions are taken in areas for improvement. 2.64 In pursuance of continuous improvement, the QEAO also conducts regular Quality Reviews on the operational units and in doing so the Office draws experiences and insights from external specialists and experts to ensure objectivity, currency and validity of the reviews. On day-to-day operations, the Office always pursues the initiatives of knowledge management and digitalisation by drawing expert assistance from the ITSD of VTC. The Office has been working on developing a Resources Portal for storing and sharing valuable learning and teaching resources among all staff. In addition, the Office runs paperless and online meetings and accreditation exercises with the external authorities to enhance efficiency and foster green management.