VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 28 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE 2.48 The Communications and Public Relations Office is responsible for planning and implementing the overall marketing and public relations campaigns for the Council. The objective is to promote the VTC corporate image and VPET to the society. FINANCE AND SUPPLIES DIVISION 2.49 The Finance and SuppliesDivision offers services on financial planning and management, costing and financial analysis, funds administration, treasury and other accounting services, procurement and stores management. HEADQUARTERS (ACADEMIC SERVICES) 2.50 Headquarters (Academic Services) (HQ(AS)) provides central academic and administrative support services to VTC’s member institutions. 2.51 The scope of work of the HQ(AS) covers: a) programme planning and data management; b) academic administration and curriculum development; c) student admission & records and student finance; d) student services & affairs and VPET publications; e) applied learning courses; f) Hong Kong Vocational English Programme; g) statistical services; h) central committee support; and i) lifelong learning. HEADQUARTERS (INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP) 2.52 Headquarters (Industry Partnership) (HQ(IP)) engages and collaborates with industry partners, trade and employer organisations to: a) administer and promote apprenticeship training in Hong Kong and help industries to nurture skilled personnel for development; b) promote and collaborate with industries to facilitate learning at authentic training environment including workplace learning and assessment; c) promote and coordinate lifelong learning to enable upskilling and reskilling of working adults through the Integrated Vocational Development Centre (IVDC);