VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 27 GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTALAND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE 2.45 TheCorporateEnvironmentalOfficehas been renamedand restructured as the Corporate Environmental and Sustainable Development Office to oversee a broader scope of functions of the Office gradually expanding from coordination of environmental-related educational activities to cover also sustainable development and implementation of the Carbon Neutrality Plan for VTC in response to the Government’s proactive strategies on the reduction of carbon emissions to attain carbon neutrality before 2050, as well as the Smart and Green Campus Initiative outlined in the VTC Strategic Plan. The Office aims to engage key stakeholders in environmental protection, to promote the environmental accomplishment both within VTC and to the community, to formulate and implement the VTC Carbon Neutrality Plan, to steer infrastructure development works on sustainability development, and to devise and implement strategic development plans for Smart and Green Campuses in the VTC. DIGITAL FUTURE OFFICE 2.46 The Digital Future Office was established to take forward the Council’s strategic initiative “Digital Future of VTC”. The Office formulates the strategy for and oversees the implementation of two major digitalisation initiatives. The first one is enhancement of Digital Learning and Teaching, which includes enhancement of VTC students’ digital skills, implementation of blended mode of learning and teaching, deployment of digital technologies in assessment for learning, upgrade of learning spaces to facilitate digital learning and teaching, and capability building for staff members. The second one is institutionalisation of Digital Workplace, which aims to leverage digital technologies for optimisation of work processes, enhancement of student services and data-driven decision making. ESTATES, HEALTH AND SAFETY DIVISION 2.47 The Estates, Health and Safety Division is responsible for the planning and project management of alterations, additions and improvement works, repair and maintenance works of all VTC premises as well as new capital works projects for campus development. It also monitors and gives advice on occupational health and safety matters. The Division aims to improve the physical environment for teaching and learning, and provide a safe and healthy workplace for staff.