VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 26 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL CORPORATE SERVICES CENTRALADMINISTRATION AND SERVICES DIVISION 2.39 The CentralAdministration and Services Division provides secretariat, translation and interpretation services to the Council and its functional committees and boards, and support services in relation to legal matters, logistics support, general administration and staff recreational activities for operational units. The Division also provides central administrative support on accommodation matters relating to VTC premises and campus development. The Division comprises two sections, namely Secretariat Services Section and Administrative Services Section. CENTRE FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING 2.40 The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is a dedicated unit that promotes effective, innovative and quality learning and teaching. CLT provides all teaching and instructing staff with structured programmes, seminars/webinars, workshops, briefings and sharing sessions on a regular basis to keep staff updated and upskilled. 2.41 CLT also provides focused and keen support to the Council initiatives. At present, it offers staff training and services on initiatives including Project-based Learning (PBL), Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA) and Digital Future to equip teaching and instructing staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate them in conducting quality learning and teaching for effective implementation of these initiatives. 2.42 CLT provides pedagogical support for important functions including the learning management platform and the implementation of digital learning and teaching. It also facilitates blended learning for teachers and students by providing professional advice and technical support in the production of multimedia learning materials and e-resources. 2.43 On the enhancement of continuing professional development and support in learning and teaching, CLT conducts studies on current global VPET trends on a need basis to keep teaching and instructing staff abreast of the latest development of VPET, and offers updated subject knowledge to support learning and teaching activities. 2.44 CLT provides media production services including graphic design, desktop publishing, audio recording, video and multimedia production for learning and teaching enhancement, and support in Council’s special projects and events.