VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 195 APPENDICES APPENDIX 32 MODULE BOARD Terms of Reference To set academic standards and maintain the academic quality of the module(s) under its ambit, establish procedures for the effective management of the module(s) and oversee its/their implementation. To maintain regular review and evaluation of the modules to ensure the continuous development, improvement and relevance of modules. To approve minor changes to modules under its purview and propose major changes to modules for approval of the Programme Board/Discipline Academic Committee concerned. To establish and oversee the work of Module Team(s) to formulate procedures with respect to the design, delivery, and development of curricula, including learning and teaching strategies and recommendations for benchmarking. To liaise and collaborate with Programme Boards concerned onmatters related to the delivery, quality and development of modules and the assessment of students To set up Boards of Examiners to consider and endorse the assessment results of the module(s) concerned and, where necessary, to refer special cases to Discipline Academic Committee for advice and approval. To consider Module Quality Analysis Reports (MQARs) from module teams including proposed recommendations for submission to the Discipline Quality Assurance Committee concerned. To advise on the provision of learning and teaching resources required for the delivery of the module(s) concerned. To report the Board’s activities to Discipline Academic Committee and/or Programme Board concerned. Composition Chairperson One PL or above or equivalent appointed by the Academic Director