VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 192 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL APPENDIX 31 PROGRAMME BOARD Terms of Reference To implement academic policies and procedures adopted by the VETAB and ensure effective implementation at discipline and department levels. To maintain regular review and evaluation of programmes / modules not under separate Module Boards within the Programme Board’s ambit to ensure the continuous development, improvement and relevance of programmes / modules concerned. To receive minor changes to modules recommended from Module Boards and approve minor changes to programmes/modules concerned under its purview. To set academic standards and maintain the academic quality of the programmes / modules, establish procedures for the effective management of the programmes / modules concerned and oversee their implementation. To establish and oversee the work of Programme / Module Teams to formulate programme / module procedures with respect to the design, delivery and development of curricula, including learning and teaching strategies and recommendations for benchmarking. To ensure that the programmes / modules concerned fulfil the requirements of the HKCAAVQ and other accreditation authorities where necessary and align with the standards of the Qualifications Framework. To appoint Programme / Module Leaders for programmes / modules concerned under its purview. To set up Boards of Examiners (BoE) to approve assessment results of the modules in the programmes concerned not supervised by separate Module Boards and the overall programme results and to endorse award lists and to scrutinise special cases. Where it is considered appropriate to have one BoE for more than one programme area, endorsement by the Discipline Academic Committee (DAC) should be sought. To nominate external examiners / module examiners to the DAC for approval and appointment. To oversee and review the implementation of quality assurance measures within the Programme Board, as required by the academic quality policies adopted by the VETAB.