VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 191 APPENDICES - to consider and approve programme validation documents of new/ existing programmes on the basis of reports submitted by the programme validation/re-validation panels; and - to consider/approve major changes to programmes between validations and to receive minor changes approved by relevant Programme Boards. To consider matters referred to it by the Academic Director, the Discipline Academic Committee and the Programme Board(s). Composition Chairperson Deputy Chairperson of Discipline Academic Committee Members One Chairperson of Programme/Module Board from another Discipline Chairpersons of all Programme/Module Boards under the purview of the discipline One Change Agent* from each department and related Pro-Act Training and Development Centres appointed by respective Head of Department, Centre Manager or Manager-in-charge Secretary Appointed by the Chairperson * The Change Agent of the department/section involved in the delivery of the Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate (DVB) Programme will also represent the relevant DVB programme / module team on matters relating to the DVB Programme.