VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 190 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL APPENDIX 30 DISCIPLINE QUALITYASSURANCE COMMITTEE Terms of Reference To implement approved policies on academic regulations and quality. To oversee the implementation of the quality assurance system within the discipline and make recommendations to the DisciplineAcademic Committee and other appropriate boards and committees. To ensure that the programmes fulfill the requirements of the HKCAAVQ and other accreditation authorities and align with the standards of the Qualifications Framework. To propose additional quality assurance policies and procedures, where necessary, on matters including but not limited to assessment of common modules, programme transfer, module exemption and RPL for the discipline. To review the performance of academic departments/sections, and: - to establish mechanisms to identify and disseminate examples of good practices; - to foster a culture of quality across the discipline and assist departmental staff in taking up ownership of quality assurance processes; - to study and highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses and actions taken or planned of the QA surveys, including but not limited to Student Feedback Questionnaire Survey, Assessment Report and Course/Module Quality Analysis Report, for submission to the Discipline Academic Committee; and - to monitor the implementation of policies on staff development and consultancy within the discipline. With the authority delegated from Discipline Academic Committee: - to set a timetable for validation/re-validation of new/existing programmes; - to approve the composition and appoint the chairperson and members of programme validation panels;