VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 188 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL - to receive the report on validated and re-validated programmes/modules approved by the Discipline Quality Assurance Committee; and - to receive changes to programmes/modules between validations. To report to the VETAB on an annual basis all special cases relating to assessment results. To monitor, evaluate and endorse the operation of the Programme/Module Boards under the Discipline. To set up working groups and sub-committees as needed and oversee their operations. To review the academic operation of the Discipline and related Pro-Act Centres, recommend improvements and provide the VETAB with an annual report, progress reports and the consolidated PQAR/MQAR. To undertake any tasks referred to it by the VETAB. Composition Chairperson Academic Director Deputy Chairperson ACampus Principal or Campus Vice-Principal or Principal of SBI, preferably from another discipline if applicable, nominated by the relevant Deputy Executive Director Ex-officio Members A YC Campus Principal or his/her nominee, if a YC Campus Principal is not already the Deputy Chairperson of the Discipline Academic Committee (applicable to relevant Disciplines where there is a/are DVE programme(s) falling within the area of the corresponding Discipline) Principal of Youth College (International) or his/her nominee (applicable to Disciplines offering modules in the DVB Programme) Deputy Academic Directors/Associate Academic Directors Chairpersons of all Programme/Module Boards under the purview of the discipline All Heads of Departments / Senior Training Consultants of the discipline