VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 185 APPENDICES APPENDIX 28 LEARNING AND TEACHING STEERING COMMITTEE Terms of Reference To report to the VET Academic Board (VETAB) on the development and implementation of the learning and teaching strategies as included in the VTC’s Strategic Plans. To formulate implementation guidelines on the agreed learning and teaching strategies. To promote continuous improvement in all learning and teaching activities in the VTC. To monitor the work of the Learning and Teaching Development Committees (LTDCs) in IVE, HKDI, YC/Pro-Act Centres, HTI/CCI/ICI, MSTI and SSCs. To co-ordinate the effective implementation of various VTC-wide initiatives dealing with improving learning and teaching. To undertake any tasks referred to it by the VETAB. Composition Chairperson Deputy Executive Director responsible for the policy area in learning and teaching Deputy Chairperson Director, Quality Enhancement and Learning & Teaching (QELT) Ex-officio Members Two Academic Directors appointed by the Chairperson Academic Director, Languages Discipline Senior Assistant Executive Director, Headquarters (Academic Services) Head, Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) Head, Human Resources Division (HRD) Head, Information Technology Services Division (ITSD)