VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 16 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S COMMITTEES 2.14 The Executive Director is supported by a team of senior staff in the management of VTC, i.e. the Caucus. It normally meets once a month to discuss important policy issues and management matters, and to monitor the overall operation of VTC. Its membership list is in Appendix 7. 2.15 The Executive Director is also assisted by a Quality Enhancement Steering Committee (QESC) and a Strategic Plan Implementation Steering Group (SPISG). The QESC oversees the quality assurance system and related matters in VTC. Its terms of reference and composition are in Appendix 8. The SPISG helps the Executive Director in steering and monitoring the progress of implementation of VTC’s strategic plans. Its terms of reference and membership are in Appendix 9. 2.16 In addition, the Executive Director is supported by a number of dedicated committees to oversee the provision of central services to various operational units in VTC. The Information Technology Steering Committee advises the Executive Director on the strategic development and provision of IT services. The Staff Development Committee provides advice on staff development policies. The Safety and Health Central Committee ensures that the working environment of VTC meets the safety and health standards. The terms of reference and composition of these Committees are in Appendices 10 to 12. 2.17 The Council Consultative Committee (CCC) provides a forum for the management to exchange views with staff representatives on staff matters, with the aim to achieve better understanding and co-operation between management and staff, and to work towards promoting better efficiency. The CCC meets once every three months. Its aims, functions and composition are in Appendix 13.