VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 183 APPENDICES Ex-officio Members Deputy Executive Directors Chairman of the Foundation Studies Board Academic Directors Chairmen of the Discipline Quality Assurance Committees Senior Assistant Executive Directors Principals and Vice-Principals of IVE/HKDI Principal of SBI Principals of YC Principal of the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK) Principal and Vice-Principal of HTI/CCI/ICI Director, Vocational Training for People with Disabilities Office Director, Quality Enhancement and Learning & Teaching (QELT) Members Four Institute Directors/Centre Managers-in-charge appointed by the Chairman Three teaching/instructing/SAO grades staff representatives from IVE/ HKDI/SBI elected among themselves Two teaching/instructing/SAO grades staff representatives from HTI/CCI/ ICI, MSTI and Pro-Act Centres elected among themselves One teaching/instructing/SAO grades staff representative from YC elected among themselves Three student representatives from IVE/HKDI nominated by the IVE/HKDI Students’ Union One student representative from YC nominated by the Students’ Union Co-opted Member Chairman of the Student Admissions, Progression and Records Committee (if he/she is not already a member of the VETPQC)