VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 175 APPENDICES APPENDIX 24 FACULTY BOARD OF TECHNOLOGICALAND HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTE OF HONG KONG The Faculty Board is responsible to the Academic Board for the teaching and general organisation of the programmes assigned to that Faculty, reporting thereon from time to time to the Academic Board. Terms of Reference To advise on the Faculty’s strategic plan and to make recommendations to the Academic Board; To implement the academic policies and regulations of the Institute; To enhance the learning experience of the Faculty’s students and to monitor the effectiveness of academic support and pastoral care for students; To recommend External Examiners to the Academic Board for approval and appointment; To consider and approve examination/assessment results, and special cases under the delegated authority of the Academic Board; To make recommendations to the Academic Board for the award of Degrees and Higher Diplomas within the Faculty; To promote good practice and innovation in teaching/learning and research within the Faculty; To analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the Faculty’s academic activities by using performance indicators and to make recommendations to the Academic Board for continuous improvement; To oversee the performance, quality and standards of the Faculty and the implementation of the quality assurance mechanism; To monitor the implementation of academic and operational plans of the Faculty; To promote collaboration in staff development, research, teaching and learning and related activities within the Faculty and across the Institute; To consider and report on any matters referred to it by the Academic Board or other committees of the Academic Board; and