VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 174 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Ex-officio Members Deans of Faculties and School of General Education and Languages One Programme Leader from each Faculty appointed by the Dean Registrar Head, Learning Commons and Digital Innovation Director of Finance Other Members The Deputy Executive Director of the VTC who oversees the strategic development of the VTC’s vocational education programmes at degree level and above One Head of Department from a VTC academic discipline nominated by the Chairperson of the Vocational Education and Training Academic Board Principal, School for Higher and Professional Education Elected Members One staff member elected from among the full-time academic staff in each Faculty and the School of General Education and Languages Two full-time student representatives nominated by the Student Union Secretary A staff of the Registry, appointed by the Registrar Note: 1. The term of office for elected and nominated staff members is three years. 2. The maximum number of terms of office for elected and nominated staff members is two. 3. The term of office of all student representatives is one year. (Student representatives will be required to abstain from the meeting when assessment results, academic awards and cases of termination of students’ enrollment are discussed.)