VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 165 APPENDICES APPENDIX 18 HTI / CCI / ICI MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Terms of Reference To report to the VET Management Committee (VETMC) on matters related to the development and operations of the HTI / CCI / ICI. To formulate strategies, policies and plans pertaining to the operations and development of the HTI / CCI / ICI. To monitor and review all matters pertaining to operations, policies and procedures, quality assurance issues, resources and facilities, training and trainee issues including recruitment and placement, performance indicators, finance and action plan of the HTI / CCI / ICI. To determine the allocation of resources in the HTI / CCI / ICI and monitor their utilisation. To submit progress reports and strategic development plan to the VETMC. To undertake any tasks referred to it by the VETMC. Composition Chairperson Principal, HTI / CCI / ICI Members Vice Principal, HTI / CCI / ICI Head of Department, Department of Hospitality Senior Training Consultant / Principal Lecturer Training Consultants / Managers / Principal Instructors / Senior Lecturer Chief Instructors Senior Student Development Officer Recruitment/Placement Officer One elected staff from HTI / CCI / ICI Co-opted Members On a need basis at the invitation of the Chairperson Member / Secretary Appointed by the Chairperson