VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 15 GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Table 3: Management Structure of the VTC (as at 1 November 2022) Deputy Executive Director (D) Deputy Executive Director (E) Legend: CCI: Chinese Culinary Institute HKDI: Hong Kong Design Institute HQAS: Headquarters (Academic Services) HTI : Hotel and Tourism Institute ICI: International Culinary Institute IVDC: Integrated Vocational Development Centre IVE: Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education PEAK: The Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge Pro-Act Centre: Pro-Act Training and Development Centre SSC: Shine Skills Centre VDPO: Vocational Development Programme Office YC(Intl): Youth College International Principal, School for Higher and Professional Education President, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong Senior Assistant Executive Director, Headquarters (Academic Services) Principals, Youth College (Incl. YC(Intl), Pro-Act Centre & VDPO) Principals, IVE & HKDI Principal, School of Business and Information Systems Director, Maritime Services Training Institute Director, Communications and Public Relations Office Head, Central Administration and Services Division Head, Estates, Health and Safety Division Head, Information Technology Services Division Head, Corporate Environmental and Sustainable Development Office Director, Digital Future Office Principal, HTI / CCI / ICI Director, Vocational Training for People with Disabilities Office (Incl. SSC) Principal, PEAK Director, Quality Enhancement and Accreditation Office and Centre for Learning & Teaching Director, Institutional Advancement Office Director, Mainland and International Affairs Office Senior Assistant Executive Director, Office of the Director of Apprentice- ship Senior Assistant Executive Director, Headquarters (Industry Partnership) (Incl. IVDC) Head, Finance and Supplies Division Head, Human Resources Division Head, Internal Audit Unit Head, Strategic Planning Office Deputy Executive Director (B) Deputy Executive Director (A) Deputy Executive Director (C) General Manager Qualifications Framework Secretariat Council Committees Council Executive Director