VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 163 APPENDICES APPENDIX 17 CAMPUS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Campus Executive Committee (CEC) is the highest level decision-making body in the campus. It is chaired by the Principal and its membership includes all heads of departments and heads of other operational units in the campus. For Vocational Baccalaureate College (VB College) operating in IVE/HKDI campuses, and those Pro-Act Training and Development Centres which have integrated with IVE/HKDI campuses, the CEC and its sub-committees will include the Principal of VB College and the Managers-in-charge or staff of the respective Centre(s) where appropriate. Apart from decision-making, it is also a venue where latest information concerning the Council, the campus, VB College, the relevant Pro-Act Training and Development Centre(s), and departmental matters are reported and discussed. The terms of reference and composition of the CEC are given below: Terms of Reference To consider major issues relevant to the operations of the campus, especially those common to many Operational Units. To oversee the implementation of quality assurance matters of the campus. To consider the deployment and utilisation of resources of the campus. To communicate to Heads of the Operational Units the resolutions of VETAB, VETPQC, VETMC and other central committees. Composition Chairman Campus Principal