VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 5 156 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL APPENDIX 13 COUNCIL CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE Aims and Functions The Committee aims to achieve better understanding and co-operation between management and staff through regular discussions on all matters affecting the wellbeing of the staff of the Council. It is also intended that such discussion will work towards promoting better efficiency in the Council. The topics to be discussed by the Committee shall normally include the following: - The consultative arrangements within the Council - Grading and ranking of Council posts - The appointment and promotion criteria for individual grades within the Council - The conditions of service of different categories of staff - Leave arrangements - Staff welfare and recreational activities - Shift duty arrangements - Council quarters - Office accommodation and working conditions - Improvement of office organisation and methods - Improvements in the productivity of staff - Staff training The following topics will not be discussed by the Committee: - Individual cases - Matters concerning the Directorate