VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 2 14 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND MANAGEMENT’S ORGANISATIONS THE SENIOR DIRECTORATE 2.12 The Executive Director reports directly to the Council and serves on the Council’s five functional committees. The major duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director include: a) formulating policies on VPET, and overseeing their implementation; b) overseeing the planning, development and delivery of VPET services, as approved by the Council; c) liaising, consulting and collaborating with the Government, industries and other bodies involved in VPET; and d) administering the Vocational Training Council Ordinance and the Apprenticeship Ordinance (as the Director of Apprenticeship). 2.13 The Executive Director is assisted by five Deputy Executive Directors in the management of VTC. The management structure of VTC is shown in Table 3.