VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 102 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL programmes. It has an experimental Internet Protocol version 6 network to test its usage and evolution, and to explore the forthcoming Next-Generation Network in Hong Kong. Innovation and Technology Co-Creation Centre, IVE (Morrison Hill) 4.128 Innovation and Technology Co-Creation Centre provides a collaborative platform with engagement of students, alumni and industry partners to identify emerging technologies, new innovative ideas, and application areas, particularly in big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity and immersive experience combined. The platform also helps students develop their innovation capability and acquire industry domain knowledge in relevant areas through participation and practice. The Centre strengthens opportunities for industrial partnership, and coordinates and matches skillsets on project collaboration. It facilitates technology adoption and new applications in the community to create social impact and economic growth. Microsoft Certification Examination Centre, IVE (Morrison Hill) 4.129 In collaboration with Microsoft, Innovation & Technology Co- creation Centre (ITCC) established the Microsoft Certification Examination Centre aiming to equip students with the latest knowledge of various kinds of emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. With the teaching and learning resources provided by ITCC and Microsoft, students can receive face-to-face as well as online training and obtain professional certifications. Video Production Studio, IVE (Sha Tin) 4.130 The Video Production Studio is equipped with chroma key virtual set for live broadcasting event productions. The industrial grade multi-cam setup is ideal for a whole range of production purpose, allowing students to create engaging interviews, e-sports streaming, entertainment TV shows, and more. With the latest extended reality capability, the virtual production platform can integrate realistic virtual environment and advanced real-time visual effects seamlessly for any virtual events. The studio also acts as a platform to provide training for students and the industry practitioners who seek to expand their creativity in extended reality.