VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 98 VOCATIONAL TRAINING COUNCIL Work Inspection Simulation Studio, IVE (Morrison Hill) 4.115 The Work Inspection Simulation Studio provides a simulated construction environment for students to learn various practical inspection knowledge and skills relating to construction works. There are different types of samples for the simulation purpose including Reinforced Concrete Wall, Cable Truss Glass Façade, Structural Steel Connections Mockup, Curtain Wall Mockup, Reinforcement Fixing Model, Defective Concrete Samples, Building System Demo Kit, and Aluminum Window. It also provides inservice training for the industry. The Construction Lab, IVE (Morrison Hill) 4.116 The Construction Lab (light structures, geotechnical & material) supports testing of light structural elements, soils and construction materials. It also provides in-service training for the industry. The major equipment consists of a pin-jointed framework, a shear and bending moment apparatus, a steel bar strength measurement apparatus, a beam apparatus, an automatic shear testing system, an automatic consolidation system, and a penetrometer. The Lab covers a wide range of tests on: i) strength of a pin-jointed frame, ii) shear and bending moment of light structures, iii) tensile strength of steel bar, iv) forces on light structures, v) shear strength of soils, vi) settlement characteristics of soils, and vii) Atterberg Limits of soils. HOSPITALITY DISCIPLINE Culinarium, International Culinary Institute 4.117 The Culinarium of the International Culinary Institute is a multi- purpose kitchen for daily training, where visiting master chefs and experts from around the world conduct culinary demonstrations, experience sharing or mass lectures to groom aspiring culinarians to be well versed in international cuisines. With state-of-the-art facilities, including 12 fully-equipped individual cooking stations, a master chef station, auditorium seating for 120 people, and a professional audio-visual system with high-quality LED screens, the Culinarium is ideal for international culinary competitions as well as real-time broadcast of exchanges and events.