VTC Calendar 2022-23

Part 4 95 VPET SERVICES Automotive Components & Electronic Systems Laboratory, IVE (Tsing Yi) 4.107 Automotive Components & Electronic Systems Laboratory supports the teaching and learning activities of students who study Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering. Investigation on the operation, performance and diagnosis of electric vehicle and automotive electronic systems are the primary functions of the laboratory on top of customer service training. Professional training aids and equipment include an electric vehicle diagnosis platform, an engine management system simulator, a Controller Area Network system simulator, an electric vehicle battery investigation rig, a diagnostic trainer, and new vehicles with diagnostic software. Aircraft Engineering Laboratory, IVE (Tsing Yi) 4.108 The Aircraft Engineering Laboratory aims to support teaching and training for students who study aircraft maintenance engineering-related programmes. Through activity-based learning, they can realise the operations of the avionics system, aircraft systems, flight control surfaces such as ailerons, elevator, and rudder, as well as the applications of trade specific hardware on board an aircraft. The laboratory is equipped with items ranging from avionics trainer, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, environmental control systems, landing gear systems, fire detection and suppression, and flight control systems. Simulated Airport Operations Centre, IVE (Tsing Yi) 4.109 The Simulated Airport Operations Centre has in place a Flight Simulation Room (FSR), an Airport Operations Control Room (AOCR) and an Airport Emergency Room (AER). The FSR is equipped with a flight simulator which provides students with aviation knowledge and opportunities to practise flight control and fault findings in a simulated environment. The AOCR andAER are equipped with computers, Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and digital video recorders, video walls, console tables, and an aviation training kit, which consists of dummy telephone sets, mic sets, fire control panels, and a crash alarm simulation kit. The Centre assists in simulating the operating scenarios of airport and airline operations to enhance students’ skill sets through the application of the standard operating procedures.