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VTC is dedicated to forging lifelong development partnership with industries with an ultimate mission of `helping industries
thrive’. Our partnership with industry stakeholders is built on a common goal for developing market responsive and demand
driven programmes to transform human capital into competitive edge for industries.
Industry support to VTC takes the form of input on course planning, curriculum design and quality assurance, as well as
scholarship sponsorships, opportunities for industry attachment and job placements. Industry representation in the
Training Boards, General Committees and other advisory boards and committees ensures the relevance and quality of
VTC programmes in meeting the ever changing needs of the economy.

By working closely with industry partners, VTC continues to provide the economy with a quality workforce and supports industry development by various in-service training and consultancy service offerings.

Rapport with Industries

Mr Larry TCHOU Ming-kong
Principal President of Asia Pacific of the Hyatt Regency Hotels International Group
Managing Director of Asia Pacific Division, International Operations of Global Hyatt Corporation

The small, medium and large hotels under the Hong Kong Hotels Association will give priority to students of the Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre when recruiting new entrants.
Ir Prof Reuben CHU Pui-kwan
President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

VTC offers programmes that are attuned to market needs, cultivating professional talents for the engineering industries. The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers closely collaborates with VTC on programme accreditation. We also offer various scholarships to VTC students to recognise their outstanding performance.
Ms Caroline MAK
North Asia Regional Director and CEO of Dairy Farm China, The Dairy Farm Group
Chairman of Hong Kong Retail Management Association

Dairy Farm has built up a longstanding relationship with VTC. Our company has hired many VTC graduates and partnered with VTC for in-service training of frontline staff. The training is beneficial for both our staff and the company as a whole.

Mr Donald YIP
Chief Executive Officer of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited

Collaboration between Dah Chong Hong and VTC dates back some 30 years. VTC has enjoyed a high reputation as a training provider in both Hong Kong and the Mainland, providing an exellent range of apprenticeship and certificate programmes. Staff here at Dah Chong Hong have benefitted immensely.