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Special Announcement

Shine Vocational Assessment Service

Shine Vocational Assessment Service is the only centre that provides vocational assessment service for people with special educational needs in Hong Kong.  Two major vocational assessment programmes are provided, namely Specific Vocational Assessment Programme and Comprehensive Vocational Assessment Programme.  The vocational abilities and interest of individuals are assessed by a professional rehabilitation team using the aptitude test and standardized assessment tools.  
Through evaluating their physical and mental health, educational attainments, working abilities, potential, interests and limitations, professional assessment service was provided to help people with disabilities identify and understand their vocational strengths properly and accurately so that they could make informed study and career choices.
Specific Vocational Assessment Programme (3 days)
This is a simple and customized assessment service mainly for people aged 15 or above and :
1. school-leaver-to-be from special schools
2. workers in sheltered workshop / supported employment and  trainees in day activity centre trainees as well as those waitlisted for the services
3. people with disabilities who are interested in taking the part-time programme and Senior Secondary Adapted Applied Learning Courses for Students with Intellectual Disabilities provided by Shine Skills Centre. 
The assessment content:
  • Aptitude test
  • Gross and Fine Motor Assessment Vocational Interest Inventories
  • Basic daily living knowledge test
  • Attainment test 
- Comprehensive Vocational Assessment Programme (11 days)
Other than the above mentioned service groups, people with disabilities who aged 15 could apply for the comprehensive vocational assessment service. This is a comprehensive assessment service which adopted a multidisciplinary approach, composed of doctor, specialist (Education Service), social worker, placement officer, occupational therapist and senior workshop evaluators. The assessment is conducted in small groups or on an individual basis.
The assessment content:

- Physique assessment
- Work assessment
- Individual interview (to better understand assessees’ background, career expectation and interest)
- Attainment test
- Aptitude test
- Gross and Fine Motor Assessment Vocational interest Inventories
- Basic daily living knowledge test 

Download the application form:
Shine Skills Centre Programme / Vocational Assessment Programme Application Form
*Remark: Applications must be made through Referrers.